Bookcase Veya

A little Russian!
Veya (Вейя, rus) from old Russian means a branch. Now this word is not used in everyday speech. Now in Russia a branch is called Vetka (Ветка, rus.).
An elegant image of the branches formed the basis for the design of this series.

The collection consists of three items: a bookcase, a bedside table and a coffee table. Perfectly complement the interior in a contemporary or eco-style. Place flowers or decor elements on it. Combine the bookcase with other items of the series Veyya.

Size: diameter 30 cm, height 90 cm.
Frame material: ash in three colors of painting - natural color of ash, walnut, wenge.
Material of countertops: tempered glass 6 mm thick

Production time 15 working days

PRICE: 240 $

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