Anna Feoktistova

Origin of HVOYA

My name is Anna,
Designer and founder of HVOYA
I am from Russia. I was born and grew up in Nizhny Novgorod, a Russian city steeped in history, which is located at the junction of two rivers.
Анна Феоктистова - основатель и дизайнер проекта ХВОЯ (HVOYA), деревянные светильники
I have always had a dream to come up with and create something with my own hands that would make the world a bit cozier. In December 2014, I did it. I was preparing to celebrate the New Year and decided to make presents for my friends: wooden Christmas tree decorations, hand-painted by me. I looked for someone to make wood blanks. Everywhere I was refused. It was difficult to find a free craftsman in December. Only at one workshop I was offered to master turnery and make toys on my own.

Come as it may! I came to the lathe.
The work fascinated me. Shavings were flying off from under the lathe knife; little by little, the rough brick was taking a shape. The expressive texture of pine enveloped simple shapes. And the scent of pine was filling the workshop.

This was origin of Hvoya.

In January, I bought a lathe and began experimenting. My father, an electrician by profession and a jack of all trades, joined me.
The first product was the Tumbler table lamp. We made it first because I lacked a lamp in my workplace. For ease of use, the switch is located on the body, the bowl shade is turnable, so you can change the illumination. The wire is neatly hidden in a slot on the stand.
The next product was a line of pendant lights. At the same time, we came up with the name and vision of the project.
HVOYA (Хвоя), translated from Russian – needles of coniferous trees. We chose this name, because we make lamps of pinewood.

Over time, we developed the project's guidelines:
Our products are made of wasted glued laminated timber, used in wooden housing construction. We saturate the finished products with oils and Osmo wax.
Simple and functional design.
Uncluttered forms highlight the expressive structure of the wood. We have thought through every detail – from manufacturing technology to instructions and packaging.
By hand and with love.
We select the timber for our products to have as few knots on them as possible, and prepare the blanks. We grind and shape them on a lathe, perfecting by hand. We cover them with oil and wax for a delicate silky shine. We burn out the logo and pack them in our branded boxes. Each stage with love: for nature, home, design, people.
Now we send lamps and light fixtures across Russia and abroad. You can purchase them in our shop on Etsy.
Nice to meet you!
Natural lamps from Russia.

Russia, Nizhny Novgorod, Sormovskoye Shosse, 9, apartment 26.
ZIP CODE 603 074
+7 (950) 600 07 92

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